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Alex's 1965 Mustang gets new quarter panels.
David shows the body work and restoration progress on Alan's 1973 Trans Am.
David shows a groovy retro interior that will be replaced with correct restoration quality interior pieces in a 1978 Trans Am.
David shows what work is planned for a blue 1967 Pontiac Firebird.
This is a Silver Edition 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am that arrived at the shop painted white. ("Lightning" told us the white ones are very rare.)  The owner just wanted the body straightened, the t-top roof replaced and painted it's original silver and grey, but it is never so simple with 25 year old cars.
Buried beneath fiberglass and paint was the rusted base of the original trunk hinge. Below the rusted hinge base were multiple layers of sheet metal to be replaced.
Once the driver's fender was removed a crushed cowl was found and replaced with a good piece from a donor car. The rusted out bottom of both doors were replaced with pieces from good donor doors.
After the guide coat was applied, it was sanded off to reveal any remaining imperfections.
The trunk hinge base after being replaced, and primed for paint.
T-top molding repainted The trunk hinge base after being painted and clear coated.
The two toned seams will be completely covered by the hood bird and pinstripes.
The bottom corner of this door was replaced. 403 shaker hood scoop
What's up with Rodger?

This 1977 Yellow Formula 350 came into the shop for a paint, pinstripes and formula decals.

This is Michael B.'s blue on blue 400/4 Speed Trans Am.  He has owned it since it was 6 months old.  Now he plans to have it restored in stages, starting with the interior.  Sometimes we build cars from the ground up, this one's being build from the inside out.  

A good pair of front plastic interior panels have been re-dyed.  New rear kick and sail panels were ordered and dyed. New rear package tray, carpet and new door panels have arrived.  The seats have been re-upholstered with NOS original hobnail material.  The original interior components also had varying shades and tones of blue.

The new Auto Custom Carpet, reupholstered rear seat back and re-dyed rear kick panels installed. reupholstered rear seat buns and re-webbed seat belts and polished seat belt hardware installed.

The original steering wheel was deteriorated on the back side from a quarter century of ultraviolet rays.  The cracks were filled with thin layers of flexible primer, sanded and dyed with the upholstery dye.

The Hurst shifter was re-chromed and a new rubber boot installed. New vinyl sun visors were installed.
All new t-top trim pieces and sail panels have been painted. Custom dyed headliner material is adhered to the original board and fitted in place.
Re-webbed seatbelts Re-dyed t-top panels

The nose on this Special Edition was warped due to an accident.  The crash bar and passenger side bumper support were bent out of shape and must be replaced.
The damage may have been done in the same incident but there were two distinct impacts.  

The bumper cover was hand sanded down to the primer and revealed no significant damage.  It will be re-used and the paint mixed with a flex additive.  A crease on the passenger side was filled with flexible body filler.  The replacement crash bar and support bracket are being adjusted for proper fit.

First a couple dozen yards of pre-molded pin-striping from Phoenix Graphics.  Lastly the freshly painted nose returns home to be color sanded and buffed.  They say you can't buff inside the headlight bucket, but we have a secret.

Refinishing service for 15" x 7" and 15" x 8" alloy wheels available.  Work can be done on both Snowflake and Turbo style wheels.

Refinishing service includes patching scratched alloy, milling the surface to original finish specifications. Also includes painting inserts and clear coating if desired.  Turbo wheels are bead blasted inside the spoke openings, milled on the flat surface and polished in the cone.

Gold tinting service for Special Edition instrument bezels available.

Gold hood bird applied to Nocturne Blue Metallic '79 Trans Am

Camel Hobnail seats we recovered for Kerry's 1979 Special Edition

Recaro seats we recovered in Camel Hobnail for Kerry's 1979 Special Edition

Fisher T-Top transplant on a Yellow 1978 T/A 

Fisher T-Top transplant on a 1978 T/A
The Cars & Concepts roof was cut off and replaced with a Fisher top from a Gold '79.  The bottom edge of the replacement roof was measured and cut.  The two edges were stitch welded together, then a narrow strip of sheet metal was welded into the gap originally filled with body filler.  Later the surface was ground down to match the contour of the B-pillar. 

New door panel installation on another Yellow 1978 T/A.

Instrument cluster repair, tachometer and clock rebuild and fender re-alignment on 1970 Blue Ram Air III Trans Am.

1978 Trans Am quarter panel transplant and floor pan replacement

Special Edition pinstripes installed on a Black 1978 Trans Am

1976 Silver 455 / 4 Speed Trans Am Decal Install
A customer completed the paint and body work on this car.  It was then brought to David at Texas Trans Am Service and restoration for application of the decals. 

1975 Gold Formula dashboard fire reconstruction - After pictures coming soon.

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