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Dano's 1979 Special Edition Trans Am - Page 6

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With the weight of the 400 C.I.D. in place the springs can be compressed enough to install and mount the gas charged shocks.

New Ram Air Restoration RA-III exhaust manifolds for the Pontiac 400.

Fuel pump, repainted steering box, pitman arm, new brake lines and sway bar.  Most "raw iron" surfaces seen are coated with POR15 rust inhibitor. Steering linkage arms, new ball joints, polyurethane-graphite bushings on upper control arm and sway bar linkage.
Machined and rebuilt disk brake rotor assembly, POR15 coated brake caliper, new ball joints and new flexible brake line.
Brake booster and master cylinder fitted with all new lines from Inline Tube. Ram Air Restoration's RA-III exhaust manifold mated to the 6X cylinder head.  
The Ram Air III style exhaust manifolds on lightly modified street engines ad horsepower numbers similar to "shorty" headers, without the warping, gasket and ground clearance problems.
2.5 inch opening on RA-III manifold, engine mounting bracket, new brake lines and lower control arm bushings. New gas charged rear shock absorbers, machined rear disk brake rotor assembly.
Rear disk brake caliper coated in POR15 metal mask. Axle and leaf springs coated in POR15, new brake lines running along axle, new fuel lines running down rear frame rail. 

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