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I have finished the first round of block sanding. It always shows areas that need more attention. 
I have fixed those and the passenger side door.  The business card in the picture is on a weak refrigerator magnet.  This shameless self promotion is to show that the car is still made of metal and not sculpted out of body filler.

Here is what is going to happen before I paint the car.  I will re-prime the body and the passenger side door, then block sand the body and the doors again.  Before continuing, I have to be satisfied that the body is absolutely perfect.  At that point, I will rebuild the door hinges with new pins and bushings.  Then I will hang and adjust the doors.  Before I do the wet sanding, I will finish the driver door and the trunk lid and bring them up to the same point as the rest of the car.  Once the doors are hung and adjusted, I will wet sand the entire car with a 9" wet block.  At that time, the car will be perfect and ready for paint.  I will then seal the car.  Then we are ready for paint.  It will get 4 coats of black urethane paint with the doors open so I can get the door jambs too.  From that point, things should progress a lot quicker.  The preparation work is 95% of the paint job.

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