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Dano's 1979 Special Edition Trans Am

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052701_26_79quarter_small.jpg (5028 bytes) A damaged rear driver side quarter panel was replaced from another car, rather than re-sculpted in plastic body filler.  The original spot welds on both panels were drilled out. 
A metallic based body compound was mixed and used to fill the b-pillar seam, then scraped smooth and sanded after drying. 052701_26_79quarter_b-pilar_sm.jpg (3772 bytes)
Seam sealer was used in the stock locations in the trunk and inner fender well.
The replacement panel's edges were matched to the body, clamped and welded.  The weld spots are sanded flush and primed.
Under the car After the drive train and front frame rails are removed, the underside is cleaned down to the factory paint to check for rust spots.
Straight front frame rails are selected from a parts car, and prepared for sandblasting. front subframe
The doors, interior, dash and glass has been removed.
Cracks in the driver and passenger side A pillars were discovered after the interior panels were removed.  The door opening is measured and the crack is welded shut.
Upper and lower control arms are sandblasted in preparation for treatment with Por15.

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