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Decal Seminar on Black 1979 Trans Am

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010623_decal_bla79ta_01sm.jpg (7000 bytes) A thin layer of wetting solution is applied to the clean painted surface.  This allows the bird decal to be positioned.
Once in place the gel is squeezed out from under the application. The hood bird decal of the 1978 through 1981 T/A is second in size only to the bird on the 10th Anniversary T/A model which extends the full width of the hood. The size of these larger decals make them more difficult to apply than the 1973 through 1977 birds. 010623_decal_bla79ta_03sm.jpg (6413 bytes)
010623_decal_bla79ta_06sm.jpg (5615 bytes) Proper positioning of the decals is checked with documentation.
The 6.6 Liter engine identifier is accurately positioned on the shaker scoop atop the Olds 403 c.i.d. engine. 010623_decal_bla79ta_04sm.jpg (7245 bytes)
010623_decal_bla79ta_05sm.jpg (8942 bytes) The position of the sail panel bird is measured.
After drying for over 2 hours, the backing is removed from the hood bird.

010623_decal_bla79ta_07sm.jpg (5968 bytes)

010623_decal_bla79ta_08sm.jpg (8368 bytes) The backing of the TRANS AM identifier on the spoiler is removed carefully since each letter is a separate piece of the decal.
Once the backing is completely removed and the decal is free of air pockets, the car is pulled out into the sun to dry.

010623_decal_bla79ta_09sm.jpg (5986 bytes)

010623_decal_bla79ta_10sm.jpg (11980 bytes)

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