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Melanie's 1981 Trans Am Resto-Mod

Melanie's 1981 Trans Am Turbo arrived at Texas Trans Ams for the restoration-modification mostly stock except for sub frame connectors, a roll cage and air shocks in back.
The unibody shell of the car has been painted and is being color sanded.  The engine, built in North Carolina by a race car engine builder, is still on the crate and wrapped in plastic, the transmission is next to it.  The rear end is under cover next to the door and the fenders, nose and headlight panel are freshly painted.
Custom built Fikse 5 spoke aluminum wheels and Baer 4 wheel disk set
The Restoration elements included bodywork, a starlight black paint job, blue decals, polygraphite bushings, sand blasting and painting the suspension components.

Modification clues from the rear are the custom gas tank with electric fuel pump, 3" stainless steel exhaust tips and fat Kumho race treads.  The exhaust is piped through 3 duals and x-pipe from Ram Air Restoration Enterprises and 3 Texas Trans Am Mufflers to 3 stainless steel tips.

Custom built 5 spoke Fikse aluminum 17 wheels were specially designed to fit the 13 front and 12" rear Baer slotted and drilled disk brakes.  These brakes would never fit inside the stock 15" wheels. 
The " Turbo 4.9" call-out on the hood bump won't fool anyone once this engine turns over.

Under hood modifications begin with a four core Rodney Red racing radiatorThe heartbeat of this car is a 383 C.I.D. small block engine with 18 degree aluminum NASCAR racing heads, ceramic coated Headman headers, aluminum March pulley system.  Solid engine mounts dropped the height of the engine a little over 1 inch, increasing the hood clearance and lowering the car's center of gravity.  Another 2 inches were cut from the top of the 18 degree Edelbrock Victor intake manifold to make clearance for the carburetor and air cleaner under the stock hood.

This shot from under the front air-dam shows the Texas Trans Am Mufflers and a 7qt Moroso street/strip oil pan fit nice and tight to give maximum ground clearance.

The suspension includes KYB gas shocks and Hotchkis 2 drop springs. 
The evaporator core and heating unit was replaced with a Hurricane unit customized by Old Air Products.
They even mounted micro switches to the stock slider controls.  Old Air Products is the supplier to Unique Performance in Farmers Branch, TX where the Eleanor conversions and Shelby Continuation Series are built.
 David fabricated adapters for the air hoses to fit tightly into the stock dash vents.
David highlights some of the details that make this 1981 Turbo Trans Am an accurate restoration on the surface, but a modified monster beneath its skin.
This is the sound of a 700+ horsepower 383 CID "Cup Car" engine on Texas TA Mufflers.  The exhaust includes long tube headers, full length 3 inch pipes and X-pipe through 3 inch dual chamber Texas TA Mufflers.  Wait until your boss is at lunch, because you are going to want to turn this one up.
David took Melanie and Michael's Black 1981 RestoMod Pontiac Trans Am to the 2007 Kennedale Kar Show.  See the pictures and video here.

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