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Mario G's 1979 Formula 400/4 Speed - Page 3

The Firebird unibody is primed inside and out.

The exterior of the body has been sanded with an air D.A. sander.  The steel quarters have been floated with polyester filler and sanded down to within 1/16th inch.  The skin is cleaned with solvent and dusted with a tack rag.  

The interior has been roughed with a coarse polyester wool and vacuumed of dust.  

At this stage of restoration David would usually use a self etching primer, but it only comes in green.  In this case we are trying to duplicate what the factory did, because the primer originally used on this car was black.  We don't understand why the factory did not use a red oxide primer on a red car, but they didn't.  The only black primer we use on bare metal is epoxy primer, in this case PPG DP90.

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