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Mario G's 1979 Formula 400/4 Speed - Page 2

With the gas tank removed, the trunk floor was worked to return to the original shape.

The damaged drive shaft tunnel was removed and replaced.

After Soda blasting removed the paint and body filler, a rough repair job was discovered on the driver's side quarter panel.  The area was painted with primer, and block sanded to expose high spots.  The spots where the paint is removed first are high and will be reduced

Using a block on the inside, the high spots are tapped with a metal working hammer to shrink the metal back into place. This process will be repeated until the block sanding removes a more uniform surface.  Now the spots of paint that remain are low spots, which will be tapped out from the inside. 

Studs are welded to dents then pulled out with a slide hammer. Then the studs are cut and ground down. This prevents drilling holes in the skin.

A replacement drop off panel from a donor car is welded into place.  Experience has taught us that original metal fits much better than aftermarket.

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