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First the back story: A previous owner had the bottom back half of the car cut out and drag racing "tub" wheel wells installed.  Once the decision was made to try to return the car to "stock" condition the "tub" wells were cut out and the car was lowered down on the unsupported spring perches.  When the weight of the car was transferred to the spring perches the rear quarter panels folded up around the rear wheels.  After several "professional" opinions the car was brought to David to complete the Un-Tubbing process.

'67 Camaro as delivered See through trunk
The view through the front windshield opening
Measuring and comparing the donor rear bottom half from a trashed '67 firebird
Donor parts being stripped cut and prepared for install

Tail light panel welded in place.

New trunk pan, welded, seams sealed and treated with rust inhibitor.

Donor back half rear seat section tacked and welded in place to align the rear frame rails.  Later the donor floor pans will be cut out and replaced with new floor pans.

The seat back is from the donor car and package tray from the Camaro.  A seam was welded across the top of the seat back, ground flush and primed.

The new rear floor pans are trimmed and installed The replacement rear seat pan and the replacement floor pan did not complete the outside corner, so a curved piece was fabricated. 
"If Curtis puts carpet over this floor, I'm go'na kill 'im"  Dave.

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