Functional Shaker Scoop Flap

Functional Shaker Scoop Flap
Standard Conversion Kit                                                  $129.00

An easy do it your self kit for 1973-1981 T/A's and 1977 Can Ams.
This kit wires directly to your fuse box (ignition side) so the flap opens when engine is started or, purchase the optional kickdown switch (listed below) that will activate the flap when stepping hard on the accelerator. The '73 - '76 shaker kit closely resembles the early '70 - '72 factory components. Once installed, it will be hard to tell them apart.

When ordering: Please provide the following information:
Trans Am or Can Am
Year Model
Engine (Pontiac 400 or 4.9, Oldsmobile 403, or Chevy 5.0).

As a dealer for these kits Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration can provide you with the kit, install it on your scoop or include this as part of a restoration.  Call David for options or installation at 817-563-2121.

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