Quotes from customers about Texas Trans Am
Service and Restoration

"A true friend and fellow TA man. Dmars at Texas Trans Ams, best service, and knowledge for parts and restoration on TA's in the World. Never use anyone but Texas Trans Ams!  

- Corey B., 1980 Trans Am

"Hey Dave,  I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Easter.  I appreciate your help with my car.  This hot rod has been a dream of mine for sometime now, I guess that is why I flew all the way to Pennsylvania to get it.  Thank you for helping me make this car everything I've always wanted.  Sincerely,-Jerry"

- Jerry J., Red 1979 Trans Am w/Fisher t-tops

"I have a yellow 1978 Trans Am.  My mother bought the car brand new and kept it in showroom condition over the years.  When she gave the car to me I quickly learned a lesson about modern repair shops and classic cars.  Anytime I needed a part for the car or some little something done to it they either wanted to charge an arm and a leg, didn't have it or didn't know what was wrong and wanted me to leave the car for diagnosis at $45 per hour.  Finally, when we were looking for a part, we saw an ad in the paper and got in contact with David Mars.  Ever since then if I need anything for my Trans Am or any work done on the car, I call David.  If it weren't for David I couldn't afford to keep my car running.  He knows what he's doing and he is always fair on his prices, which are two things I'd never found before, and he stands behind his work."

- Pam Gaige, Yellow 1978 Trans Am

"My 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Special Edition is under full frame-off restoration, by Texas Trans Am Service & Restorations.  David Mars does the best work on Trans Am resto' in the country, if not the world.  This guy knows his sh*t, Lord!  He must have used hood-bird decals for diapers when he was little, that's all I have to say about that.  He is good now!!!"

- Dano, Black 1979 Trans Am SE


"I was out at David's shop one Saturday shortly after he finished painting the main body of the black 79 TA.  I'm not an expert on auto painting but it looked great to me.  All through the day people who stopped by the shop commented on what a great job David was doing on the car.  This leads to my point...  Another customer brought his friend by the shop to look at parts and see what was being done on the black car.  The friend wanted to know where the car had been painted, and by whom.  This friend, a professional car painter, stated in his opinion the paint job was fantastic.   At that moment there in the shop, we all understood the quality of work David was putting into the car."  

- Todd Leverett, Yellow 1977 W72 TA w/Hurst t-tops & Blue 1978 TA w/Hurst t-tops

"When David performs a restoration from the ground up, it's not just a paint job, it is an authentic historical reenactment." 

- Gary Holverson, 1980 WS6 TA w/Fisher t-tops, backdated to '79 400

"Dear Dave, You passed the test with flying colors!  The WS engine (VIN) did not match the authentic TA chassis (VIN), although the owner stated it was matching numbers.  The engine VIN number was right where you said it would be.  The (number) by the distributor indicated the engine was of a 1969 "birthdate" as well.  So I'm still lookin'.  If you know of any '70 TA's I might be interested in let me know...and thanks for returning my e-mail.  I was about halfway close to ploppin' down $10,000 cash for this vehicle.  Have a great 2002!  Sincerely, Dean"

- Dean, Still lookin' for the perfect 1970 Trans Am

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