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May 2007

The Bandit Run 2007 News Coverage on KTBS

The Bandit Run 2007 rolling start past the Coors Distributor in Texarkana, USA

April 2007

David took Melanie and Michael's Black 1981 RestoMod Pontiac Trans Am to the 2007 Kennedale Kar Show.
January 2007

This is the sound of a 700+ horsepower 383 CID "Cup Car" engine on Texas TA Mufflers.  The exhaust includes long tube headers, full length 3 inch pipes and X-pipe through 3 inch dual chamber Texas TA Mufflers.  Wait until your boss is at lunch, because you are going to want to turn this one up.
October 2006

 David highlights some of the details that make this 1981 Turbo Trans Am an accurate restoration of the surface, but a modified monster beneath its skin.

At the Unique Performance Fest car show in Farmers Branch, TX, Chip and David got a chance to meet and talk about the future of muscle car restoration.

Unique Performance Fest with David's customer's Tenth Anniversary Trans Am

April 2005

Sightseeing on our way to the Trans Am Southern Nationals in Florida.
January 2005

The '78 Blower Car we used to have.
December 2004

Road Runner Award for December goes to Alphonso, Victor and Caesar, who drove up from Mexico to meet David and get parts for a 1976 Trans Am they are restoring.

November 2004

Kerry shows off the Texas TA Mufflers, and misses second gear. (Video with sound.)

 October 2004

Kerry, Todd, David, Dan, Gary and Alex - "The Bar B-Que Wrecking Crew"

July 2004

David introduces the muscle car restoration work done at the shop.

April 2004

42 of the 54 mufflers sold the second week of April.
March 2004

Tenth Anniversary T/A Tragedy
February 2004

Rare image of snow at Texas Trans Ams
December 2003

Santa dangles baby reindeer "Prince Santa II" over balcony, to the cheers of fans below. 

October 2003

"I think our "Dukes of Hazzard" stunt needs a little more work." 
- Kevin C. from Troy, MI

June 2003

Butler Racing shows it's prototype all aluminum Pontiac 
engine block and HO intake manifold at the 2003 PSN.

May 2003

Video of Misty driving the Texas TA Mufflers test car


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