Meet Adrian Chavera
Body and Paint Technician

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June 29th 2005

Adrian Chavera has been contracted to do body and paint work at Texas Trans Ams.  We thought our service and restoration customers would like to know a little about the background and skills of one of the guys working on their "old dream".  So our webmechanic sat down with him to get the straight skinny.


Webmechanic:  How long have you been doing paint and body work?

Adrian:  Almost 14 years.  Somebody just started showing me how.  A coworker asked me if I wanted to learn.  We just pulled out the dents, laid some body filler and smoothed it out.  A couple of years later I got the technique down.  Now just two spreads of filler and I'm done.  My first spread is to knock it down smooth, the second is just to fill in the pin holes.

Webmechanic:  What is your specialty

Adrian:  Fiberglass.  I've done fiberglass repair on cars, jet skis, boats, motorcycles and tractor trailer hoods.  Some of the hoods had whole sides torn out and I would have to section it and fabricate the missing area.  I've also done paint and body repair on heavy machinery like excavators and bulldozers.

Webmechanic:  How is restoration work at Texas Trans Ams different from late model collission?

Adrian:  It's a lot more work, more attention to detail, even repairing things that nobody can see, like inner structures.  With restoration paint work we take the car back down to the bare metal for a complete paint job.  For instance one car had 9 coats of paint to grind off; lots of work with the D.A. (Dual Action Air Sander)  On one pair of doors I replaced the bottom corners due to rust and wear, plus block sanded 30 years worth of ripples, and door dings.  You just can't order a re-pop from Taiwan, we use parts from the "yard" or fabricate it.

Webmechanic:  What do you like best about working at Texas Trans Ams?

Adrian:  I like best that I can stay busy, 'cause I like to work.

Webmechanic:  What's the biggest challenge working at Texas Trans Ams?

Adrian: You never know what you're going to get into on a project.  A paint job might turn in to major re-construction.  The old paint job might be hiding "cancer"  like rust or heavy body filler.

Webmechanic:  What have you learned so far from working with David?

Adrian:  I learned how to replace a roof on an f-body.  The trick is knowing where to cut it.

Webmechanic:  Had you worked on any other classic muscle cars before Texas Trans Ams?

Adrian:  I did the body work on a 1970 Camaro.  It was mostly repairing bad body filler work.  I also did the body work, paint and raised the cowl induction hood on a 1967 Camaro drag car.

Webmechanic:  What else should our restoration customers know about you.

Adrian:  This job takes a lot of hard work, elbow grease and love.  I love the work and the cars.

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