Our contribution to Maxim Magazine's "America's Toughest Cities"

Maxim Magazine October 2007 Edition
When Bethany in the Maxim Magazine Photo Dept. needed a picture of a Trans Am in Fort Worth, TX for an article who did she call?  Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration of course.  You will recognize the car as Melanie's 1981 Black Trans Am Resto-mod.

Trans Am in Fort Worth, TX

"America's Toughest Cities"
#9. Fort Worth Texas

"You know a city is hard when you can walk down a block and not see a Starbucks. The tough side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has the fewest Starbucks per square mile of cities on this list. This model of urban sprawl also has the highest concentration of Trans Ams on the road. A coincidence? Shut up and sit down."

Since none of the images in the article are credited it's a bit like spilling hot coffee on your lap while wearing dark colored pants; sure it gives us a warm feeling, but nobody else really notices.

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