Front Coil Spring :
Removing and reinstalling on the second gen. f-body

- NOTE -
As the coil spring is under pressure during much of the removal and installation process, proper tools should be used and extreme caution exercised.  For safety, a chain rated at 300 lbs. and sufficient fastener should be used to secure the coil spring to the lower control arm. 

  1. Raise the front end of the vehicle and support the sub frame with jack stands.  The lower control arms should hang free.

  2. Remove the shock absorber.

  3. Remove the wheel.

  4. Disconnect the stabilizer bar from the lover control arm.  The bar can remain attached to the frame brackets.

  5. Position a floor jack under the lower control arm.  (GM parts departments have a special adapter for use with floor jacks which cradle the inner bushings.)

  6. Slowly raise the jack to relieve the tension on the lower control arm pivot bolts.  At this point the spring is under pressure.  Install a chain around the spring and through the control arm as a safety measure.  Run the chain above the coil closest to the control arm that is accessible, since the spring coils will rise when they are uncompressed.  Check that the floor jack is firmly supporting the control arm and will not slip.

  7. With tension off the pivot bolts, remove the rear pivot bolt nut.  Remove the forward pivot bolt and nut.  It may be necessary to follow the bolts through the control arm with a hammer and punch.  The control arm is still attached to the steering knuckle.

  8. Slowly and carefully lower the floor jack.  The control arm should lower with it.

  9. Before removing the spring, note it's position in relation to its bottom seat and the identifying tag attached to one of the coils.

  10. When all the compression is relieved from the spring, remove the safety chain and lift the spring from it's perch.

  11. During installation, be sure that the coil is properly seated in the lower control arm.  The end of the bottom coil should cover all or part of one of the small inspection/drain hole drilled in the control arm.  The other hole should be partly or completely uncovered.

  12. The safety chain should be used again upon installation.  With the control arm and spring raised into position, install the pivot bolts and nuts.  It is necessary that the front bolt be installed with its head towards he front of the vehicle the rear bolt can be installed in either direction.  Torque-tighten these bolts to specifications before lowering the jack and removing the safety chain.

  13. Install the remaining components in the reverse order of disassembly and tighten all fasteners to the proper torque.

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