Kennedale Kar Show, Kennedale, TX 2007

Narrated by Gary the Webmonkey

The 2007 Kennedale Chamber of Commerce car show was originally scheduled for April 7th but rescheduled due to weather for April 21st.  We didn't have anything close to completion last year at this time so this would be the first time to attend the this "Hometown car show"   If you are not familiar with Kennedale then a little home town car show in a suburb of "Cowtown" (Fort Worth, TX for our northern readers) may not sound like a big thing, but when you consider that about 1/3 of all businesses in Kennedale are automotive related it is big.  Also consider that for a town of a population of 5,850 there are two dirt tracks and a 1/8th mile drag strip within walking distance of each other, over a dozen auto salvage yards, several auto parts stores, machine shops, auto repair, paint and body, transmission repair, tire and alignment, used wheels, speed shops and auto insurance business and you understand cars aren't the the only thing but it is the biggest thing.  Please understand that the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce knows how to spell car they are just using a little poetic license to achieve alliteration.  (Ask your English Teacher.) 

It's a good thing that the car show was postponed a couple of weeks for the progress on Melanie and Michael's 1981 Trans Am Resto-Mod.  David didn't like the way the front and rear bumper turned out so they were removed and Adrian stripped and repainted them just days before.  In fact the paint was still too wet for wet sanding and buffing.   Suffice to say that the car was about 95% finished when David's brother Robert and their dad Roy arrived at the shop to put the car on Robert's trailer.  His trailer has a removable left fender which is handy for getting in and out of loaded cars with low ground clearance.  However it makes a lousy wheel chock.  With the rather expensive resto-mod securely strapped to the trailer we set off on what will probably be our shortest road trip ever.  As you know the Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration shop is not in the Kennedale city limits but about 1/2 mile outside in the county, on the right just past the drag strip and dirt tracks. 

David took the 1981 Trans Am Resto-Mod not to enter and win anything but to get it out in the sun light, shake out some of the bug remaining to be fixed and get reactions from the folks in attendance.  In the morning light David noticed that the rubber bump stops for the fenders were not installed and Adrian noticed a polish swirl on the passenger side door.  There were a couple of hoses remaining to be connected for the heating and air conditioning system and the turbo lights had yet to be installed.

Within minutes of unloading and wiping down the Fikse wheels with Kumho racing tires, Orlando and his brother came by to take pictures of the car and to get his picture taken with it.

A few minutes later a 5 year old boy came by to look a the car.  "Pontiac, Tran Am."  He said.  "I've got the Hot Wheels car.  It's got the big alloy wheels, hood scoop and racing spoilers too.  It's pretty much like this one."  Wow, I thought, he could take my job as propaganda minister for 

Shortly Mitzi and her family stopped by to check out the car.  She told stories about when her brother had a Trans Am back in the day, and how much she wanted one now.  She also wanted her picture with the car.

It seemed like everyone had a story about how they or a friend had an old Firebird like this one.  Even Eric from Eric's Towing stopped by and told a story about a 1979 Silver Anniversary Edition Trans Am and an exotic dancer that we won't print here.  And that was all before the car show really started at noon.

As the show started, David spent most of the time explaining how he got a small block with such big headers and intake under the hood and still made the A/C work.  Many others noticed the 13" front disk rotors and asked how all that fit.  But most of all even some professional auto painters wanted to know who painted the car and how it got such a deep finish.  When David answered that Adrian painted the car and did most of the body work, we turned around to point him out and Adrian had wandered off to look at the "Rat Rods".  In more typical Adrian fashion he was not available when I was shooting pictures or video, and 10 minutes after he left the show, his parents arrived to see his work on the car.

Reveille, her baby and Marine husband stopped by for a while.  Reveille worked the order desk for Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration from November of 2006 'till late March 2007.  Her husband has recently been stationed in Japan an is due to report soon.  She handled the sales calls from customer, orders and returns with vendors while David focused on completing cars.  Eligible for rehire?  You bet.

When the judge came by he looked around the car a while and asked David to start it up.  That sure drew a crowd.  The March pulley system humming, the timing gears gnashing, Holley carburetor gulping air through two K&N air filters and mostly the growl of the exhaust through Texas TA Mufflers with full headers, X-pipe and 3 inch exhaust.

David admitted that he had never entered a car in a car show before.  Actually never entered a full size car in a car show.  Some of David's model cars have toured the county at model car shows.

Brian from the Kennedale Fire Department came by to look at the Trans Am and fell in love.  Just save your overtime pay Brian and we'll build one just for you.

About 3:00pm David went to the fair ground section to look for more sweet-tea, but returned with the trophy for second place in the 1980 and up category.  Considering the car was only 95% complete we were surprised to be recognized at all.

By 4:00pm I realized just how sunburned I was despite wearing a cowboy hat and once again David and I swore that we would never attend another car show, swap meet or race without sun block.

Welcome to the City of Kennedale

Melanie and Michael's 1981 Resto-Mod Trans Am

Fikse wheels, Kumho tires and Baer Brakes





18 degree Cup Car engine


Deceptive Turbo Trans Am decal

Brian from the Kennedale Fire Department

Screaming hood chicken

Home town props

And now you will be rewarded for reading this with the following video.

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