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Episode 16 - March 2004


In this Issue
1a. Vacuum Lines on Mid '70s 400
1b. High School memories of a Pontiac Chick.
2. New Project Cars
3. New, re-pops, and discontinued parts
4. Show Room
5. Shipping, Credit Cards
6. Top 100 Muscle Car Site, e-mail and site-search
7. Tee Shirts and Bumper Stickers
8. What's new at the shop?
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1a. Vacuum Lines on Mid '70s 400
Prompted by a desperate e-mail from a visitor to PontiacChick.com, we took time out one evening to review and diagram the vacuum lines on a 1976 Ponitac 400. 
1b. High School memories of a Pontiac Chick.
My senior year I sat behind Amy P. in "Funamentals of Free Enterprise" class.  I doubt we shared much conversation until one day. 
"I heard you bought Randy's old Trans Am."  She said.  "We used to date.  Sometimes we would just go cruising in the Trans Am.  After we broke up I got a new (1984) Camaro, but it's not the same.  I sure do like that car.  Let's go for a ride sometime." 
The car referred to was White 1980 T-top Trans Am (non-turbo) with the WS6 suspension package, Carmine red interior with red Firebird decals. That evening we drove the Trans Am 4.9 for hours, cruising up and down Broadway, and later doing burn outs and power turns in rural East Texas.  I never got up the nerve to ask her out again, but I still have the car, and one and a half years to finish the restoration for my class reunion.  - Webmechanic
Sorry no period pictures of the particular T/A or Amy, but here are images of Second Generation Firebirds from old High School yearbooks.
Let us know if you have old Firebirds in your College or High School yearbooks.
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2. "The Privileges of Membership"
Welcome to new member #433, ptymth917 and the 26 new members from February.
Newsletter subscribers get first notice on rare parts and new project cars.
- NEW OFFERING :: 1968 SS Camaro Big Block.  Straight body, just surface rust.
Factory Big Block car, not original engine (current engine said to be a 502 CID, but unconfirmed). 12 bolt rear end.
- NEW OFFERING :: 1980 Formula originally White.  Straight body, no visible rust, amateur restoration started Needs engine and transmission.
- NEW OFFERING :: 1981 Trans Am originally Silver, in primer now. 301 T/A 4.9 (non turbo) Car is intact, including overflow bottle, brackets etc..
- NEW OFFERING :: 1983 Black Trans Am Ref.# 83bla305ta68 - T-top car.  Engine missing some parts (push rods).
- NEW OFFERING :: 1984 'Brown Trans Am  Ref # 84brn305ta67 - New motor and transmission.  True air-induction.  T-top car.  Wiring harness problem, causes it not to run.  Replacement wiring harness included.
- NEW OFFERING :: 1979 White 403 Trans Am with gold decals and Camel interior.  Great dash board, no visible rust!  Power windows and door locks.  Strong Olds 403 with headers and dual exhaust.  Runs and drives!  Transmission was serviced recently and carries a service warranty.  Call David about adoption.  79white403ta80

If you are interested in one of these great project cars, call David at 817-563-2121

'79 black Trans Am runs and drives (in reverse only) parts or project, ripped quarter panel. Offering all or part.
'77 red T/A parts car 400, automatic transmission, all but carburetor and hood shaker.
'75 Buccaneer Red T/A, Great Hood, 400 block complete motor.
'76 Yellow T/A, 400 block complete motor.
'75 Burgundy T/A.
'80 White Turbo T/A, 301 Turbo with 4 wheel disk brakes, 308-positrac rear end with brake booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve.
'66 Ford Pickup, reasonably straight, big block, with A/C.
The previous newsletter can be found in the articles and news section, but only upon the sporadic mailing of the following edition.  As a subscriber, you get the cars, parts and "scoop" 4 weeks (approximately) before anyone else.
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3. New, re-production, and discontinued parts
Carpet Promotion for March and April :: Premolded Second Generation F-Body carpet $124.95
Texas Trans Am Service is an authorized distributer of Auto Custom Carpet.  This is the finest pre-molded reproduction carpet we have worked with.
For your exhaust, don't forget about our Texas TA Mufflers
and and full mandrel bend pipe system for second generation Firebirds from our friends at
Muffler Quote from NMcn999:
"Hello, just a short note to let you know your mufflers are loud and obnoxious, and if the cops here don't like them, they can kiss my @**...I love them, just what I wanted."
+ + + + + + + + + + +
4. Show Room
Slow progress, but the library (W.C.) now has a light switch.  The front of the showroom has been sheet rocked and is being taped and bedded and David's office walls have been textured. 
Directions and map to the Texas Trans Am shop / showroom available here:
+ + + + + + + + + + +
5. Secure on-line ordering: 
More secure ordering coming soon on the Parts and Stuff page.
In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express, We can now accept Discover Card.  We are shipping parts nationally and to many other Countries around the world. 
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"Top 100 Muscle Car Sites"
Still tied for #1.
David's e-mail:
We fired AOL, so please address emails to david@texastransams.com.
Question of the month: I finally bought my very own "Bandit".  My problem is the car is rusting and it will be a while before you can perform your magic on it.  Is there anything I can treat the car with to slow down or stop the rust from spreading?  (The car in question has more than just surface rust, holes in some places.  But we've seen worse.)
Answer: Really at this point, there is not much you can do to slow the rust. It has pretty much set in. I would try to keep the car out of the weather, but so it can stay dry. You don't want to trap any more of the moisture in it than you have to.
Site Search from "WhatUSeek.com". 
What are visitors searching for on TexasTransAms.com?  Site Search helps us to tune the site based on what you are looking for.  The following were the most popular searches for the last 30 days:
Count, Search Phrase, # Results
6 'parts' 124
5 '71\' gto ' 4
5 'HOODS' 113
4 '1977' 28
4 'map' 1
4 '403' 110
4 'decals' 15
4 '1979 Shaker Hood' 38
4 'camaro pictures' 8
4 'production numbers' 5
4 'cost' 6
4 '69 comaro' 0
4 '1980 turbo trans am' 13
4 'air cleaners' 11
3 'cars for sale' 11
3 'ground effects' 1
3 'wheels' 109
3 'aol.com' 11
3 'shaker scoop' 101

We also use Site Search results to learn popular new spellings like 'Comaro' 'Ponitav' 'Frans Am'.  We certainly hope Fran finds her Am. 
For legitemate business questions, please

e-mail us at david@texastransams.com or call us at 817-563-2121. 
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7. Shirts and Stuff
Car show season is about to begin again and now that Pontiac is out of NASCAR it's time for some new laundry.  Show your support for the folks that still support your old dream.
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8. At the Shop Recently ...
Shipped Recently: refinished wheels, splash pans,
center caps
, outside door handles, door hinge pins, exhaust tips,
dash covers
, T-top gaskets, window felts, and decals for 1980 Indy Pacecar.  70-73 fiberglass front bumper with valance
, and more refinished alloy wheels
The 1974 esprit with the '71 nose and the 1978 special edition Trans Am found new homes.
Alex M's 1979 Formula 400/4 Speed -
We enjoyed our recent visit with Alex from Ohio.  He came down with his daily driver loaded with parts.  His body shell is on it's way to the soda blaster.  Even though he thinks the city of Mansfield is misspelled, he's OK with us.
'67 Camaro Un-Tubbed - GONE.
It's out of here.  There's nothing left of the Camaro in the shop except for some fine metal shavings ground off the weld marks.  

Dano's '79 T/A Special Edition TA - Progress is about to start back up, now that Larry's car is delivered.
Larry A's car is scheduled for further modifications to the roll cage.

1979 Black Trans Am in for collision remediation.
Thanks for reading!