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Episode 17 - April 2004

In this Issue
1a. Car Show Season
1b. Gary's Autocross article
2. New Project Cars
3. New, re-pops, and discontinued parts
4. Show Room
5. Shipping, Credit Cards
6. Top 100 Muscle Car Site, e-mail and site-search
7. Tee Shirts and Bumper Stickers
8. What's new at the shop?
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1a. Car show and swap-meet season is here!  David has already been to Decatur, Greenville and even New Braunsfels getting odds and ends for customer's cars.  We will have a booth at Pontiac Southern Nationals on May 22nd and 23rd where we're hoping to have a surprise.  Recently we received an e-mail from Sue Emmel the chairperson for  the Trans Am Nationals, where Texas Trans Ams will also have a booth. 
Before you click the link, put your sound on mute.  Trust me.
We can hardly wait to meet more customers, Firebird fanatics, Pontiac Chicks, and see their version of Pavement Pounding Poncho Power.
1b. Well, finally after years of telling David about driving Autocross with the SCCA, I got him out to compete in an event.  Lots of guys and girls get these old F-bodys and load them up with horsepower for straight line acceleration, but don't loose sight of what they were built for to begin with, to compete with the Ford Mustang both at the dealership and on the road courses of the SCCA Trans Am series.  For my money the closest you can come to the excitement of road racing with out the risk (and expense) of collision is the Autocross or Solo II.  I like it to learn the characteristics of the car when pushed to the limits, and techniques to improve my own driving skills.  OK, really it's also a great chance to smoke your tires and do donuts in a parking lot and not get a ticket.  Besides it's like a car show where you actually get to see the cars and drivers do their stuff.  Check it out for yourself.
Baring unforeseen circumstances we will be driving an undisclosed F-body on June 20th at the event on the road course at Texas Motor Speedway. 
This time we're bringing sun-block.
+ + + + + + + + + + +
2. "The Privileges of Membership"
Welcome to new members dlc442003, maddogjunkmail, and drjep, which brings us to  480 members as of April 26th and the 36 new members from April.
Newsletter subscribers get first notice on rare parts and new project cars.
- New Offering :: 1980 Silver 301 CID Formula.  Straight body panels, some surface rust.  Engine is partially disassembled.

- New Offering :: 1981 Autumn Maroon 265 CID Formula.  Really nice straight body, good primer job to start with, pretty nice black interior.  No structural or surface rust has been detected.

1968 SS Camaro Big Block.  Straight body, just surface rust.
Factory Big Block car, not original engine (current engine said to be a 502 CID, but unconfirmed). 12 bolt rear end.
1980 Formula originally White.  Straight body, no visible rust, amateur restoration started Needs engine and transmission.
1981 Trans Am originally Silver, in primer now. 301 T/A 4.9 (non turbo) Car is intact, including overflow bottle, brackets etc..
1983 Black Trans Am Ref.# 83bla305ta68 - T-top car.  Engine missing some parts (push rods).
- Coming Soon 1977 Brown Trans Am, no engine, trans or hood. straight body - no rust.
- Coming Soon 1978 Black on Black Trans Am, 400, Automatic, runs.  Clean straight body.
If you are interested in one of these great project cars, call David at 817-563-2121
'72 Firebird Esprit, good tail light panel, no rust - minor dents.  Good sub-frame.
'74 Buccaneer Red T/A lots of rust, sub-frame looks fine.
'79 black Trans Am parts or project, ripped quarter panel. Offering all or part.
'77 red T/A parts car 400, automatic transmission, all but carburetor and hood shaker.
'76 Yellow T/A, 400 block complete motor.
'80 White Turbo T/A, 301 Turbo with 4 wheel disk brakes, 308-positrac rear end with brake booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve.
'66 Ford Pickup, reasonably straight, big block, with A/C.
The previous newsletter can be found in the articles and news section, but only upon the sporadic mailing of the following edition.  As a subscriber, you get the cars, parts and "scoop" 4 weeks (approximately) before anyone else.
+ + + + + + + + + + +
3. New, re-production, and discontinued parts
Carpet Promotion for March and April :: Pre-molded Second Generation F-Body carpet $124.95.  Must mention this ad for discount!
Texas Trans Am Service is an authorized distributor of Auto Custom Carpet.  This is the finest pre-molded reproduction carpet we have worked with.
The 1974 - 1975 splash pan made with new tooling is in, but shipping out as soon as it arrives. 
- Coming soon :: Fiberglass bumper cover replacement for 1974 - 1975.
The bumperettes will also be offered separately if you don't need the whole bumper.  Attention :: No 5 mile per hour impact protection is expressed or implied.
Billet Aluminum Pulleys ::
Paul at Ram Air Restoration Enterprises sent us a sample aluminum under-drive crank pulley.  We are now able to provide original configuration and under-drive billet replacement pulleys in Aluminum with clear coat, "early Pontiac blue metallic" and powder coat black with anodized alternator pulley.
Call David for configurations and pricing.
OK, so you know all about the mufflers by now.  David sold 54 mufflers the second week of April.
+ + + + + + + + + + +
4. Show Room
Progress is picking up.  The show room and break room have been textured. 
Directions and map to the Texas Trans Am shop / showroom available here:
+ + + + + + + + + + +
5. Secure on-line ordering: 
More secure ordering coming soon on the Parts and Stuff page.
In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express, We can now accept Discover Card.  We are shipping parts nationally and to many other Countries around the world. 
+ + + + + + + + + + +
"Top 100 Muscle Car Sites"
Still tied for #1.
David's e-mail:
We fired AOL, so please address emails to david@texastransams.com.
Question of the month: Are you open on Sunday?
Answer: No.
Site Search from "WhatUSeek.com". 
What are visitors searching for on TexasTransAms.com?  Site Search helps us to tune the site based on what you are looking for.  The following were the most popular searches for the last 30 days:
Count, Search Phrase, # Results
 10 'interior' 21
 9 'wheels' 109
 6 '1978' 38
 6 'waiting list' 6
 4 'videos' 10
 4 'muffler ' 32
 4 'cajas zf' 0
 4 'doors' 28
 3 'body vin code' 1
 3 'restored wheels' 108
 3 'production numbers' 6
 3 't-tops' 105
 3 'javelin' 0
 3 'engine' 118
 3 'turbo' 109
 3 'hoods' 113
 3 'valance panel' 4
 3 'rear "frame rails"' 11
 3 'decals' 15
This months searches not found include '1977special edition decals' (which we can provide), 'emission diagram' (We got a Chilton's Book full of diagrams at "Half Price Books" for about 5 bucks.) 'grille', (Yes. We plan to grill some bratwurst this Saturday.) and 'reinstalling coil springs'.  Good idea for an article, 'cause it ain't easy.
We also use Site Search results to learn popular new spellings like 'rochestor carburetor' Rochester, Rochestor, Quadrajet, Quadrojet what ever it takes.  If we don't have your Q-jet we'll check around.  For legitimate business questions, please
e-mail us at david@texastransams.com or call us at 817-563-2121. 
+ + + + + + + + + + +
7. Shirts and Stuff
PsyCrow says new black t-shirts are coming soon.  Really.
New Pontiac Chick shirts will be here for Pontiac Southern Nationals, like the one Sandra is wearing.
+ + + + + + + + + + +
8. At the Shop Recently ...
Road Runner Runner-up award and a big mullet shout-out goes to Kevin H. and Goose from St. Joe, MO. 1,198 miles round trip.  Never to far to go for 403 engine brackets and new carpet.
Road Runner award for April goes to our customer from Las Vegas that took home the Blue '75 T/A.  2,414 miles round trip.
Shipped Recently:
Two pair of chrome splitter exhaust tips that are headed to Luxemburg.
Tail light panels,
weather striping, refinished wheels, splash pans,
center caps
dash covers.
T-top gaskets, window felts, and Tenth Anniversary and late model blue Trans Am decals, Carpet
Texas T/A Mufflers
Complete one piece fiberglass front end
and more refinished alloy wheels
Alex M's 1979 Formula 400/4 Speed -
The Formula body is back from the soda blaster; minus paint.  Lots of good metal here.
Dano's '79 T/A Special Edition TA - Radiator support, sand blasted, POR15 (Rust Inhibitor) Chassis Black coated and installed.  Also radiator, Air Conditioner condenser and fan shroud installed.  The WS6 wheels are at the refinishing service.
Larry A's '71 Firebird - still having the roll cage modified and the doors are back from the soda blaster.
1979 Black Trans Am in for collision remediation.  The crash bar and bumper support brackets have been painted and replaced along with a good crash absorber.  The original urethane bumper skin has been repaired and hand sanded.  The nose is now in the final primer with guide coat.
Thanks for reading!