Trans Am Nationals, Dayton, OH 2004

2004 Road Trip! - Narrated by Gary the Webmonkey - Page 1

2004 would be the first year for Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration to set up a booth at the Trans Am Nationals.  

Additionally we arranged to deliver a shipment of mufflers to Paul from Ram Air Restoration to save him on the cost of shipping.  This would require driving the Suburban and a small trailer.  For David and me this would be the cross country road trip of the summer. At 8:45 am Sunday morning, as we left Fort Worth, Texas, our Classic Rock station was playing an “All 70s Weekend” and we didn’t loose the signal for quite some time. After a period of radio silence we started looking around the cabin of the suburban for the device making a chiming noise. Apparently it was some kind of carnival music coming from the radio. I quickly switched to the CD player and fired up Sammy Hagar’s "The Essential Red Collection". Although conspicuously absent was his 1979 song “Trans Am”, you know “I-E-A-T…Z28”, the picture of the car is inside the CD jacket. 
After crossing into Arkansas, we had to stop in honor the greatness from Hope. We dropped by to take pictures at the doors of the Klipsh speaker factory. Unfortunately it was Sunday, and the Klipsh Museum of Audio History was not open. What did you think we were talking about? David called his son, a big audio enthusiast, just to rub it in. After Fleetwood Mac, White Snake and Poison CDs we came to realize that Newport to Paragould Arkansas, by way of Jonesboro is not as easy as it looks on the map.

Following the ELO and Aerosmith CDs we rolled across the Missouri border and into the town where David graduated High School, and hometown of Sheryl Crow, Kennett. Back in the days of the late 70s, Sheryl ran track while David and his friends were squalling tires and leaving black stripes in the local streets and parking lots. In fact David’s buddy Scotty Web still owns Sheryl’s Grandmother’s ’69 Chevelle Malibu. Scotty told us stories about driving home a drunk Bassett hound in the County Judge’s GTO, and getting pulled over in the Chevelle and having to explain a brown bag of Bologna. That evening Scotty showed us his modified stock car and ‘47 Ford Sedan that he has been restoring. Later we went over to see the Lawless brothers who were working on their Pro Mod Camaro that used to belong to the M0thers Car Wax race team and the body shell of a Super Stock ’69 Camaro that started out as a Yenko.

Monday morning we had breakfast with Scotty, and then tracked down Corey Bolton from We delivered some shirts, and parts for his ’81 Trans Am Daytona Pace Car including a pair of Texas TA Mufflers. I knew from all the old stories he had told me, that with David back on the streets of Kennett it wouldn’t be long before we heard the sirens of a municipal sedan. Sure enough from inside Corey’s house we heard it. Corey’s wife looked out the window to see what the attention horn was all about. “It’s the Fire Marshall.” She said. “I wonder what he wants.” “That’s for me.” David said. It was just Scott Tutor, another of David’s High School friends who is a Captain in the Kennett Fire Department. He noticed David’s Suburban parked outside and wanted to have us over for lunch. We followed him back to his house for sandwiches, sweet tea and to visit with his wife, where David finally got public credit for pin striping Tutor’s silver Trans Am in High School. 


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