DAPA's Pontiac Southern Nationals 2004 - Page 1

David's PSN time was spent convalescing in the palatial setting of the Texas Trans Am booth.  He relaxed, soaking in the sun among throngs of adoring fans and Firebird knowledge seekers, while the laundry rustled gently in the warm breeze.
Your faithful Webmaster, on the other hand, experienced a vastly different PSN.  After struggling for nearly 4 hours to assemble 1/2 a tent as a wind break and sun shade with Kerry "Dubbya", he bravely set out to capture a different view of the old car show; Like this fender shot of a 1969 Ram Air III numbers matching Trans Am owned by Alan from Sugarland, TX.
This polar white 1971 455 HO Trans Am belongs to Chris from Austin, TX. 
This white 1971 TA 455 with vintage style American Racing wheels is owned by Mitch from Austin, TX.
Nikki's favorite GTO.  This gold 1970 455 was built by Triangle Speed Shop in Orange, TX.

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