Pontiac Oakland Club International 2004, Joplin, MO. - Page 1

David reminiscing with complete strangers, recounting the story of where the '71 HO heads, exhaust manifolds and honeycomb wheels came from.
This golden Chief Pontiac emblem adorns the thick chrome grille of a mid 1950s ambulance.
Lois and Arnold's 1926 Hill Climber.  Lois shows one of the first know Pontiac "Hot Rods".  Radical for it's time in 1926, this car, converted to a boat tail, hill climb racer sported a 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual transmission.  It still leaves vintage Model-Ts in it's dust. 
In a convention center parking lot full of all makes and models of Pontiacs from the 1920s through 2004, a couple rows of stock second generation Firebirds stand out.  

Shelly and her husbands 1970 1/2 Ram Air III Trans Am.

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