Trans Am Nationals 2003

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After many months of anticipation, it was finally time to return to the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio. While I had been there several times before, I missed the Previous year and was long overdue for a fresh dose.  

I decided to take my 15 year old son with me. It looked like we would end up driving, but at the last minute, my good friend “Just plain old Joe” make it possible for us to fly. The following is a run down of our trip.

Friday 6:14am; with all the restrictions and security checks, we planned to arrive at the airport two hours early. We didn’t arrive as early as planned, but we made it on the plane. This was my son’s first flight, (actually his second, but he was only 10 months old the first time.) As the plane was lifting off, you should have seen the big grin on his face as he said to me “Daddy, this things got a BIG ol’ four barrel on it.” When we arrived our old buddy, “Alex from Ohio” was waiting for us in the airport lobby. Over the next few days Alex would be our Chauffer, B&B Host and Tour Guide. All performed with flying colors. On the way to his house, I had to stop at White Castle for those tasty little burgers they sell. It was a right of passage I planned to share with my teenage son. He set his eye on the Church’s Fried Chicken also in the store. “Oh no you don’t,” I said “you’re going to try the burgers, like it or not.” I loved mine; he didn’t care much for his. There ain't no way he sprung from my loins, he must have got that from his momma! After we ate, Alex took us to his house. We dropped off our luggage at “The Hotel Manz”, picked up his 4-year-old daughter and we were off to the Trans Am Nationals. It was quite a ride in “Ruby the Deer Slayer”, but that’s a whole other story. 

When we arrived at the Dayton Airport, the location of the show, we hit the swap meet first and picked up on some bargains. For a while we gazed in wild wonderment at the mystery that is Tech Inspection, then wandered through the show area. After that evening of fun and shopping we packed everything in “Ruby” and headed back to Columbus. 







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