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November 2002

In this Issue
1. Blue TA
2. New Project Cars
3. New parts, re-pops
4. Weather Stripping
5. Shipping, Credit Cards
6. Top 100 Muscle Car Site
7. Tee Shirts and Bumper Stickers
8. What's new at the shop?
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1. A new customer brought a beautiful 1970 Blue
Ram Air III Trans Am to the shop for service.
The car was driven to the shop from Sonora, Texas
over 300 miles away. 
The Tachometer and clock have been removed and sent
to the original manufacturer to be rebuilt.  The
speedometer will also be repaired and body panels
re-aligned.  It's not exactly stock, but we think
it sure looks good.


2. "Membership has its privileges"
Welcome back everyone, and a special greeting to
"cchapman8033" who just became our 125th member. 

Newsletter subscribers will get first notice on
rare parts and new Project Cars.

- 1977 Firebird black with yellow flames and snorkel.
It has a sunroof and good seats.  Good body, needs
engine.  This car is desperately looking for a "B"
movie to star in.  "Hooper 2003"?  The snorkel and
paint job alone is worth an extra 100 HP, even
without an engine. 
- 1978 Bandit Black & Gold SE.
Needs engine and transmission, rear floor pan
needs to be patched, straight rear quarters, true
Special Edition Car.

- 1979 Firebird 301 partially disassembled.  White with blue
and white interior.  Mostly complete, some surface rust
on driver side rear quarter panel.

- 1981 Firbird V6 parts car. Perfect doors.

If you are interested in one of these great project
cars, call David at 817-563-2121


1 set of # 197 71 HO round port heads with Ram Air round port exhaust manifolds

1 71 HO carburetor

1 set of # 16 heads

1 set of # 62 heads

1 set of # 4X heads

1 lonesome # 96 head

Call 817-563-2121 for pricing. 

Last month's newsletter can be found in the articles
and news section, but only one month later.  As a
subscriber, you get the cars, parts and "scoop" 4
weeks before anyone else.

3. Texas Trans Ams is proud to announce that the fiberglass
reproduction front lower splash pan for '74-'75 is in!
They are availible for an introductory price of $225.
These work great with the turn signal for the '74 or
the block-off on the '75.

Attention '77-'78 fans, the front center spoiler is
now available in fiberglass.  They are available for
an introductory price of $145.  We test fitted the
piece on Todd's car and it fits and looks great!

Also fiberglass "ram-air" hoods are available for
most any American made car or truck.  Contact us
with your wants and needs for fiberglass parts,
if you don't see it on the following page. 
This is Gary the newsletter editor reminding you to
remember that we can ship or install Auto Custom
Carpet and Texas Trans Am Mufflers for your old dream. 
The Texas Trans Am Mufflers are produced with
heavier gauge steel than other popular dual
chamber mufflers.  This gives the Texas Trans Am
muffler a deeper, more solid sound, rather than
the high pitched "cow bell" sound.

Shiny parts


4. Last month baubles88 wrote to us. 
"I have a 1978 formula.  I am the original owner. 
Where can I get window weather stripping?"
Good question.  Remember that cars with chrome
trim use a different window felt and there
were 3 different "factory" t-top styles and 2
additional aftermarket styles offered in '78 each with
different gaskets so be careful ordering from
a catalog, call a professional.  David can get the
right part for you.  E-mail him at david@texastransams.com  
or call the shop at 817-563-2121.


5. We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard and
American Express and ship parts nationally and
internationally in many areas. 


6. TexasTransAms.com has a new hosting server managed by a
friend to old Pontiac's everywhere Chris G. at VirtBiz.com. 
In the transition of almost 200 meg of tasty firebird tidbits
some of the pictures became damaged and was brought to our
attention by a customer interested in the '78 Special Edition. 
Thanks for the heads up!  If you notice anything else that
looks not quite right, please e-mail the web guy at

Top 100 Muscle Car Sites seems to have stalled out.  We have
been ranked at #24 for about the last 2 months with 48 votes
We understand that the site is for sale and wish the creator
luck.  It was fun while it lasted.  Why couldn't the list
have frozen when we were #8!


7. Tee Shirts still coming soon.... and always will
be.  TexasTransAms.com bumper sticker version 1.2 is
available for $2.00 each, plus shipping and handling
or FREE with orders over $100.00.  What's different
from the 1.1 version you ask.  The new batch will
include the full white background but with the text
"TexasTransAm" pulled together.  Some of the stickers
will have a clear background for windows.


8. At the shop recently...

We're preparing suspension parts for Dan's '79 Special
Edition car to install the new poly-graphite bushings
from PST.  Springs and control arms have been sandblasted,
treated and some coated with POR 15.  We had planned to
paint this month but may be changing paint suppliers.

Todd's '78 TA has fresh POR 15 coating on new weld spots
for the passenger side quarter and rear window.  The door
has been adjusted and is ready for sanding and masking.

Larry S. black '81 TA is painted and drying before the
color sanding process.

Finished applying SE pin stripes to a formerly silver 78 TA.

Larry A's car is ready for more action.  The body shell,
hood and fender is finished.  Next stop, sub-frame
connectors and roll cage.
David is in the process of de-tubbing a '67 Camaro.

Several months ago David repaired an electrical fire
damage to a gold 74 Formula, here is a picture of
what he started with.


Your friends at Texas Trans Ams

"Restoring Old Dreams"