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August 2002

In this Issue
1. Olds in a Pontiac?
2. New Project Cars
3. New Carpet, Fiberglass Hoods, Chrome Tail Pipes &
Center Caps
4. Second Generation T/A recall
5. Shipping & Credit Cards
6. Top 100 Muscle Car Site
7. Tee Shirts and Bumper Stickers
8. What's new at the shop?

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1. Oldsmobile engine, Pontiac body
Being the Second Gen. Trans Am fanatic, you know that
many of the '77 through '79 Firebirds, Formulas and
Trans Ams came with Oldsmobile 403 engines rated at
a mere 185 horsepower.
Quite often one of the first changes in a restoration
is yanking out the Olds 403 and replacing it with a
Poncho 400 or 455.  We would hate to see a numbers
matching Special Edition, Gold Y88 or Tenth
Anniversary edition separated from it's original
engine just because it didn't have the performance
the owner desired.  For those of you with the Olds
engine, our friend Ron L. has a success story to
share with you that does not include headers.  While
the article is still in the works, we have video,
and these pictures don't lie.  Check out Ron's Olds
403 automatic "stock looking sleeper" at the 1/8
mile Texas Raceway in Kennedale. :

We hear Ron is considering installing the Texas
Trans Am Mufflers.  But you will notice form the
sound in the video, they aren't installed... yet.

2. "Membership has its privileges"
Newsletter subscribers will get first notice on new
Project Cars.
New Pictures:

- 1977 Firebird with yellow flames and snorkel. It
has a sunroof and good seats.  Good body, needs
engine.  This car is desperately looking for a "B"
movie to star in.  "Hooper 2003"?  The snorkel and
paint job alone is worth an extra 100 HP, even with
out an engine.

- 1979 Firebird Formula 400 / 4 speed project car
with Fisher T-tops.  This Red formula will not go
ignored.  The body has been carefully disassembled
by Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration, and is
ready for paint and re-assembly.

- 1978 Bandit Black & Gold SE, needs engine and
transmission,  rear floor pan needs to be patched,
straight rear quarters, true Special Edition Car

Available now, pictures soon:

- 1978 Firebird Formula, black with gold stripes and
Formula call outs on the doors.  CORRECTION this car
came from the factory with the Pontiac 400 cid 220
Horse engine (same as T/A 6.6) but currently has
the Olds 403.  Slight damage on tail end of passenger
side quarter panel, drop-offs need to be patched.

------ SOLD -----

- SOLD - 1980 Trans Am, hardtop, 301 needs to be
replaced, rust free body If you are interested in
one of these great project cars, call David at

- SOLD - 1972 Firebird Formula, automatic car, needs
engine and transmission, straight rear quarters.  We
are still putting a correct front clip on this
Formula for pictures.

- SOLD - 1979 Blue WS6 "Some Assembly Required" was
sold to a guy from Cartersville, GA.  He drove all
the way here and picked up all the parts.

Check for pictures of new cars on the projects page
of the website.

Last month's newsletter can be found in the articles
and news section, but only one month later.  As a
subscriber, you get the cars, parts and "scoop" 4
weeks before anyone else.

3. We can ship Auto Custom Carpet and Texas Trans Am
Mufflers to you, or if you can get your car to our
shop just south of Fort Worth, Texas, we can install
the carpet and mufflers with full  dual  exhaust and
an "H" equalizer pipe.  "Zoom, Zoom", yeah we've got

Fiberglass hoods are becoming popular items at the
Texas Trans Am Shop.  We have a relationship with a
manufacturer that can produce hoods and panels in
many custom styles for most any American made car
or truck.  Ram Air hoods are becoming quite popular
and we can get them for most common domestic cars
and trucks.  Contact us with your wants and
needs for fiberglass parts.  We have included the
Firebird Fiberglass Parts page in the Parts section
of the website.

We now have in stock Late Second Generation Split
Tail Pipes with 2" and 2 1/4" inch diameter pipe
available.  Also new GM center caps with gold or red
Firebird emblems.  These caps feature metal
retaining clips for attachment to the wheels.
See the shiny new parts here.:

We still have the driver's side quarter available for
'75 through '81 ready to ship.

4. Texas Trans Am Service and Restoration is issuing
an unofficial recall for the Second Gen. Firebird
A-Pillars.  It has been our experience that due to
the design of the unibody construction and
attachment to the sub frame rails both coupe and
T-top cars develop cracks in the back rail
of the A-Pillars.  Call 817-563-2121 to schedule
repair for your A-Pillars.


5. We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard and
American Express.  We are now mostly shipping FedEx
ground, except for oversized items.

6. TexasTransAms.com has been ranked #7 or #8 on the
Top 100 Muscle Car Sites for the last several days.
Thanks to our viewers and customers for getting the
word out.  As of the writing of this letter we had
233 votes and 635 visitors directed from the Top
100 Muscle Car Sites Web page.

Don't forget to vote for us.
To lazy to vote? Love Google.com search? Me too!
Just set your Internet Start Page to

Want a different start page? E-mail your request to
me at

7. Tee Shirts Still coming soon....and always will
be.  TexasTransAm bumper sticker version 1.1 is
available for $2.00 each, plus shipping and handling
or FREE with orders over $100.00

8. At the shop recently...
The passenger side quarter panel made it to Nova
Scotia Canada.  Eugene is very pleased and says
"You just don't see sheet metal like this up here."
The quarter skin arrived recently for Larry A's 71
T/A and other body shell work is complete.
We've completed the second round of bodywork on
Dan's '79 T/A and are ready for round 3.  Then we'll
block sand with 500 grit wet sand paper before
sealing for paint.  Read more about the paint
preparation work here...

Larry S's '81 T/A is ready for round 3 of primer and
block sand.  We've finished both quarters of Wayne's
'65 Mustang, after a coat of self etching primer we
noticed several spots needing attention.  Those
spots are finished and ready for the first round of
primer and block sanding.  The trunk is coated with
POR15 and ready for seam sealer, then paint.
We finished the metal work and welding the seams of
Chris A's  '78 T/A t-top roof.  The roof and
b-pillars are now in primer-surfacer. We pulled the
Olds 403 and transmission it's going home for a
while.  If you are looking for an Olds powered lawn
sprinkler, we hear Chris is willing to make a deal.
It still runs but shoots coolant from every seam.
Gary is still working on getting the front
clip on the '72 Formula 400 for pict---We interrupt
this e-mail to annoy you and make things generally
irritating.---The '72 Formula has been adopted!
David is thinking about getting the '78 Black & Gold
Formula running and driving (buy it now while it's
cheap.)  We shipped a pair of Texas Trans Am Mufflers
to Alabama.  The passenger quarter panel for Todd's
'78 T/A has been removed from the donor car and
separated from the inner wheel wells and drop off
panels.  We have discovered that the trunk drop off
panels on both sides of the trunk are a good
resource for nuts, screws, wrenches and sockets
(especially 10mm).  Want to pick up .01 in the
quarter mile?  Clean out the drop offs in your trunk.

Well, better get back to work before it gets hotter.
How hot is it?  Velcro stops working about 10am at
the shop.

Your friends at Texas Trans Ams

"Restoring Old Dreams"

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